Geen inkomende VoIP berichten door storing bij provider

Resolved – The issue has been resolved. All services are currently recovering. We will continue monitoring the availability.
Feb 4, 17:03 CET
Monitoring – Inbound KPN traffic appears to be restoring. Inbound traffic from other operators is currently being restoring as well and should be fully operational again within the next 15 minutes. We will keep monitoring the traffic.
Feb 4, 14:33 CET
Update – We have enrolled an emergency partial workaround. Currently KPN is bypassing the affected interconnect partner (Coolwave) for inbound Winitu traffic. We are currently successfully receiving inbound Winitu traffic directly from KPN. We are working on the same workaround for other operators to fully restore inbound traffic.
Feb 4, 13:49 CET
Update – Xenosite is currently working on a workaround, because it seems like our interconnect partner is unable to fix the issue in a timely fashion. Expect an update in the next hour.
Feb 4, 12:28 CET
Update – Our interconnect partner has announced that they are still running analysis on the current situation. They have no estimated recovery time yet. Once we learn more details we will announce it.
Feb 4, 11:35 CET
Update – Unfortunately our interconnect partner has reported difficulties to get their infrastructure back online. They have network specialists working on site in Amsterdam to replace their equipment and resolve the remaining network problems. They acknowledge this is a major incident with unacceptable impact and regret the slow recovery. The issue has been escalated to their senior management and has their full attention. Despite all their efforts, the service has not yet recovered. Xenosite is working on a workaround to restore the service.
Feb 4, 10:13 CET
Update – Currently the service is still impacted. The interconnect partner has reported that engineers on site are working through the night if necessary to recover their service. We are able to port the affected numbers to our XENO network, but this seems to be not very effective, since portings are generally not processed during the weekend. We will announce further progress once we know more.
Feb 4, 00:08 CET
Update – Our interconnect partner announced that power has been restored in their datacenter, but the infrastructure is not recovering. Engineers are working to get the services back online as quickly as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Feb 3, 21:56 CET
Update – Our interconnect partner announced that they have a power outage in their datacenter. An engineer is on site to recover the service as quickly as possible.
Feb 3, 19:30 CET
Identified – There is currently an outage on one of the inbound interconnects (Coolwave) on the Winitu platform. This only affects inbound calls, since outbound calls are automatically rebalanced over another interconnects. A Coolwave engineer is currently working on the incident. They have announced that they expect the outage to be resolved in the next 30 to 60 minutes.
Feb 3, 18:18 CET